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Our spectacular photomontage videos are the perfect way to spark heartfelt emotions. We transform your photos, videos and music into cherished memories on a professionally created a masterpiece.

Your custom-made personal treasure will be the unforgettable moment at your next event or special occasion. From weddings to anniversaries, birthdays to graduations, banquets to retirements, births to memorials/funerals and much more.

Photomontage videos make unique timeless gifts

∞ How to get started ∞

Gather and organize all your elements

Bring together all your items such as pictures, digital and/or printed, music selections, video clips, news clippings, audio clips, awards, and any other items you would like to have in the video. Collect them into meaningful groups.

Decide on the arrangement of your images in the order you would like them to be shown. You have a few options here:

  • -- You can divide them into sections or chapters and put each element in the order you want them presented, sometimes this helps keep the focus on the meaning of each element.
  • -- You can have the same chapters and just have a selection of photos run randomly for each chapter, this can save time in planning stages and we will usually use our judgment if we need to move some around to have it visually fit in the moment.
  • -- You can have all the elements just run randomly throughout, although, this may not have the same result that an organized video would have, it does save time in planning stages. An example would be that of a memorial video, you might pick the first and last photo and the rest would run in a random order.

We can offer suggestions, but in the end, there are no set ways when picking the order of your elements, just go with what feels right and we're sure it will look great.

Decide on the length of your video

For most photomontage videos, each photo is generally shown on screen anywhere from 4 to 6 seconds each, depending on music style and the meaning of that moment or section. Decide on an approximate length, keeping in mind the event as well as the viewer when deciding on a good length. Contact us if you need any advice, we are here to help.

Count up how many photos you have and how many chapter pages you will want, then multiply that number by 5. Then, add the length, in seconds, of any video clips you want in include. Try to keep video clips to 1-2 minutes in length, this helps with the pacing of the photomontage video. Allow 15 seconds for the opening and closing title pages, then divide this number by 60. This will give you the approximate length, in minutes, of how long your final video will be.

Using this method will help you decide on the final number of photos and video clips to put in your video to hit your target length.

Prepare your assets for upload

- Digital Photos –

Pictures can be in either landscape or portrait mode. Use the original source of the photo when possible, this will give you the best image on the screen. Usually downloaded photos from one of the many social media apps have been compressed and are not suitable for these videos. If you are unsure about your images, contact us and we can help make that determination. The larger the image the better. Images that are too small will not look very good in the video. Try to use pictures that are high quality, in focus and not blurry, and those that are clean without smudges or a lot of spots. We offer photo restoration if needed.

- Printed Photos –

Have your images transferred to a digital version, check your local photo lab or drugstore for photo transfers. We can scan your images for an additional cost if needed. Then put those in the folder along with your digital photos.

- Video Clips –

Edit your video clips to show just the section that you want. Try to keep it under 2 minutes if possible. Leave a few seconds of footage at the beginning and the end to use in the transitions. Export each individual clip. We handle most formats, but prefer them convert to a ProRes or h.264 codec. Contact us if you have any questions. We offer video editing and conversion for at an additional cost.

- Audio Clips –

Edit your audio clips to have just the section that you want. Try to keep it under 2 minutes if possible. We can handle most formats. We prefer either AIFF, WAVE, or mp3. We offer video editing and conversion for at an additional cost.

- Other Elements –

Additional elements can be scanned and inserted. Contact us if you have any questions about any special items.

Music selection

Music is a key factor in setting the right mood for your photomontage video. Make music selections that have meaning and relates to the honoree or has relevance to the different chapters. The right song choice will enhance your video and the audience will enjoy it even more. For each music selection, list out the title of the song along with the name of the artist.

Music is purchased on your behalf. If you have a certain selection on a CD that you want to use, due to copyright laws, you will need to send us the original CD. We cannot accept downloaded or made-at-home CD’s. We will return everything to you once the video is completed. Contact us if you have any questions about music selections.

Fill out the order form

Fill out the online order form and submit it. Once we receive the order, we will review it and contact you and go over any questions, concerns, special requests, etc. You will then receive an email confirming your order. This will include an estimate for the final product. A payment of %50 will be due upon conformation of your order. We accept Credit Cards through PayPal. After you confirm the order and submit payment, you will receive a link for uploading your elements along with instructions for sending us any assets that you need to prepare.

Production will begin once we have received all your elements. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of final product. A link will be provided for you to preview your video before it is finalized. You will receive a link to the final version, once the final payment has been submitted.

We want the process to go smoothly and for you to be completely satisfied with the final video. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you make the most of your next special event.

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Supply us with your images and elements, along with music choices and the details of your event, and we will creatively produce a customized video that will be a lasting treasured memory.

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