Tell your story with animated characters


Animated 2D and 3D elements will expand the impact of your visual content. You can combine it with live action footage and add motion graphics to excite the viewers response.

Enhance your next special event


A photomontage video is the perfect way to spark emotion for your next special occasion or event. Graduations, retirements, birthday’s, memorials, banquets, and many more.

Spread the word with customized videos

Church Media

Expand your church sermons and worship events with powerful, creative and dynamic videos. Broaden your congregations experience by drawing them in to the message.

Add that extra little something to your videos

Post Production

Fishblade Media offers a full range of post production services. Green screen compositing, visual effects, editing and sound design, just to name a few.

About Me

Hi, I'm Craig, and along with my wife, we have three daughters and 2 young grandsons. We are currently raising the grandkids, one of them has Down syndrome, so we definitely have our daily challenges, but we also have plenty of daily smiles. I'ts all good! :)

I've been in the video business for 24 years. I love both the creative and the technological sides of the visual arts. I began freelancing full time about 5 years ago. I like being able to work from home giving me the freedom and ability to accomplish more during those times when I'm in the zone.
I've had my hand in many areas of video from post production, editing and visual effects to animation, motion design and character animation. I consider myself a "doer" that loves helping clients meet their video needs or diving head first into a challenge to help problem solve for it.

If you find yourself in need of someone like me to help out with your next project, drop me a line.
Thanks for stopping by, take a look around, check out my samples, and please have an awesome day!

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